Strange, Unusual, Delicious: Cayman Island Turtle Patties

     Cayman Island Turtle Patties


I few years back, when I was a young, immature foodie just starting out, I had the amazing privilege of visiting the Cayman Islands.  It was a very unique experience and allowed me to venture outside my comfort zone to try things I normally wouldn’t.  As a matter of fact, I think the Cayman Islands actually made me the foodie I am today!

While in the Cayman Islands, I visited Boatswain’s Turtle Farm which is one of the largest attractions there and saw some pretty interesting things. The most interesting part was the Turtle Patti Vendor inside the souvenir shop.  The man was literally selling us patties made from turtle meat INSIDE the turtle farm.  I found this bizarre and quite disturbing until I was prompted to try one. Even if the man had been selling the patties ten miles down the road the fact that it was a TURTLE he had cooked was off setting.  But, I didn’t want to be rude so after hesitating and looking back and forth between the dead turtle I was being offered and the live ones happily swimming around outside, I took the man up on his offer and tried a piece.

To say it was the most delicious thing I’d tasted in a long while would be an understatement. Think of Jamaican patties but with the most delicious, moist, fresh meat inside. I was so shocked at how delicious it was that I quickly asked for two more and took a picture of them. My palate expanded exponentially that day and I now have my own turtle farm where I kill…just kidding.  You may think me horrendous but as any foodie knows, you can’t turn own a potentially delicious meal because it was alive only moments ago.  I challenge you to try something completely foreign and see what happens. Good day!