Shepherd Boys

(The Nile River)

I promised you that I would share with you my culinary discoveries and I am a man of my word. I just had the most splendid time in Egypt! It was quite random actually. My plan was to stay in Cairo, but I became lost and ended up in the countryside and ran into three shepherd boys.

After much excitement by my sudden appearance, they led me to their small shack in the distance where their hard yet beautiful mother prepared food for me and their father sat me down at the table. Overjoyed, I ate to my full. When I was done they gave me a Galabaya which is a long linen robe to replace my filthy traveling clothes.

We filled the night with much laughter as we tried to communicate and failed miserably. They spoke very broken English. I thought things could get no better but then I noticed the most delicious smell. I inquired and the mother smiled and disappeared into the kitchen. She returned a moment later with the most delectable looking treat I had ever seen. She told me the name but I dare not repeat. For now, I will call them Shepherd Boys.

I  asked her how she made it and I could have sworn time stopped by the way all the noise evaporated from the room. The look of utter shock was apparent on the faces of her children and her husband. I grew red from embarrassment but persisted telling her, that’d I’d work for it.

The mother smiled mischievously and nodded. I was to help her boys in the field with the sheep and other household chores and after every day was over, she would give me a part of the recipe until it was complete.

I ended up working for her and her family for over two weeks but had the most splendid time doing so, not to mention I got a killer tan from the inescapable sun and some much needed muscles. She handed me the completed recipe before I left to catch the bus and made me promise that I would never share the recipe with anyone else. I promised and bid them all farewell.

When I returned home, I immediately went to buy the ingredients to make the delicious treat.  So, without further ado I present to you