New Journey

So recently I’ve decided I want to share my food discoveries (sweets to be exact) from my many travels.  I’ve tasted Egyptian cakes, Turkish scones, fudge from Africa and a variety of other delectable treats and want the world to taste them as well.

But I don’t want to document them in some boring journal, I want something tangible and delicious! My plan is to actually make the deserts I discover and share them with the world!  I’ve made a list of all the sweets I’ve had the pleasure of tasting and after arduous persuasion (and a few fights with the locals which I’ll tell you about later) I’ve managed to get the recipes!

I’ve already hired a graphic designer to create my logo and have made a few purchases to prepare for my baking frenzy! I even found the most amazing contraption called Baby Cakes!  It turns cakes into lollipops! Take a look!

Isn’t it fantastic?!  But I digress.  I will keep you updated on this journey and can’t wait to show you all the logo once it’s completed! Wish me luck and good day fellow humans!