Good day, good evening,good night. Wherever or whenever this blog should find you I wish you good day.  My name is Henry Worthington III and before my father squandered his inheritance, married a gypsy and became one of the most despised men in all of England…my life was quite boring.

I’ll tell you more of this tale later but for now all you must know is that I love food (sweets especially) and travel.  There are so many interesting tastes and delicacies in this world that most people will never get a chance to try. But I hope to end that.  This blog is a record of my journey to collect as many recipes as I can from different countries and share them with you along with other things I discover along the way.

But believe me this is no easy task!  People are quite peculiar about their recipes and “secret ingredients” and many times I’ve had to do the most bizarre, outrageous, DANGEROUS things just to get them! But what’s a journey without obstacles?

I digress and close with a short story I found painted on an abandoned house in Winchester, England:

“Where are ya goin’ James?”

“To the ends of the earth ma,”

“And just what do you plan on doin’ when ya get there?”

“Eat, drink and be merry. Care to join?”


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