Try This: Hazelnut Cookies with Blueberry Ganache Filling

Hazelnut Cookies with Blueberry Ganache Filling 

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       For the cookies
3/4 cup hazelnuts. toasted, any loose skin removed, and cooled
1 cup confectioners sugar
1 stick (1/2 cup) unsalted butter, softened
1/4 teaspoon grated orange zest
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 cup all-purpose flour
3 drops blueberry flavoring
2-3 drops food coloring (optional)
   For Blueberry Ganache:

 1 cup dark chocolate, chopped

3 tablespoons heavy cream

3/4 cup fresh blueberries


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line 2 or 3 baking sheets with parchment paper. Grind nuts and sugar in a food processor until powdery. Beat together butter, zest, salt, blueberry flavoring, food coloring, and nut powder in a large mixing bowl with rubber spatula until creamy. Add flour and keep mixing until well incorporated and forms a dough

Roll about 1/2 teaspoon of the dough into tiny balls and arrange 1-inch apart on the baking sheets. Bake in the oven for 12-14 minutes or until they turn light brown. Transfer to wire rack and let them sit to cool completely. Place the fresh blueberries in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat , stirring occasionally, until the thick sauce forms and reduced to about 1/4 cup. Remove from the stove and set aside.

In a double boiler, melt the chocolate, then add blueberry sauce and heavy cream. Stir until the ganache is smooth. Transfer ganache to a piping bag, snip off the bottom of the piping bag to form a small hole. Pipe small mound of ganache onto the flat side of a cookie and top with other cookie, pressing 2 cookies together to help adhere. Repeat with the remaining cookies.

Image and recipe courtesy of: Red Shallot Kitchen

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