Mothers Day Breakfast Surprise!

Happy mothers day! Sorry for late post, I spent the day traveling back from my moms house.  I had the most amazing weekend with my family, laughing, talking, reminiscing, yelling, strangling…nothing out of the ordinary.

But, joking aside I really wanted to make this mothers day very special.  My mom gave up a lot for us children including an a career as a singer for Motown Records!  Yes you heard me correctly Motown Records!

My mother is an extraordinary singer (and still is) but strongly felt she needed to raise her kids so she turned down an offer from Motown!  Now, you’re probably staring at this screen slack-jawed and wide-eyed but let me assure you she never regretted it and we are eternally grateful to her.

You see how most celebrity kids turn out, LITTLE BRATS THE LOT OF THEM! *Just kidding* but most importantly, signing a Motown Records contract was equal to selling your soul.  You signed 10 years of your life to become a puppet and my mother escaped that.

Yes, she could have made Whitney Houston sound like clanging symbol (too soon?), but she raised us instead and seeing what we went through, if it hadn’t been for mom we’d be nowhere good, maybe even dead…That might sound rather extreme but if anything its an understatement.

I really wanted to do something special for her so, I split her mother’s day surprise into two parts! First, on saturday I bought her a lovely Hibiscus tree with exotic, oversized red flowers bursting from beneath the leaves and hung little tags from the branches with love notes from all her children! [AWWWWWWW!!!]

I modged podged the tags to water seal them!  She loved it and now every year we can add to the tree! She loves sentimental things like that and really enjoyed the gift!

Then today, my siblings and I woke up early to cook her breakfast and set the table up like a little tea party.  We baked mini carrot cake muffins, raspberry thumbprint cookies, and Cream Horns then brewed some tea. We also chopped up some strawberries and bananas and set them in a little saucer.

For the main course, we cooked eggs with mushrooms, onions, sausage and mozzarella cheese.  Her expression showed her excitement when she came downstairs and saw the nicely decorated table with a host of food! Seeing her smile was the highest praise!  Hope your Mothers Day was just as fantastic!


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